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All tours are led by Bio Way founder Chris Sermons. Our tours typically cover a wide array of topics including permaculture, natural history, ecology, native plants and of course organic growing. 

We start in the certified organic production fields which have been farmed organically for over 20 years. Cover cropping, variety selection and pest control are some of the topics covered.


Next, we’ll look at the extensive farm-scaping which helps with the biological control and natural balance essential for sustainable agriculture. Along the way, we’ll see examples of edible and natural landscaping that are characteristic of permaculture design. 


Finally, we end up at the Forest Garden in the Woods which is part of a larger ecological restoration project to restore a post oak woodland. 


After the tour, our produce will be available for purchase.


All tours last approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Please contact us if you are interested in coming out for a private tour!

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