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Each year, depending on availability, the same organic plants we grow on the farm are available for sale.  Preorders and pickups can be arranged for most weekdays at the farm stand on Highway 25 or at the TD Saturday market.  Pay with cash/check upon pickup or via Venmo @biowayfarm.


Sold in 6-packs. 

Amish Paste tomato, paste tomato.  For eating, tomato sauce and canning.

Black Krim tomato, heirloom.

Chef's Choice tomato, orange slicer.

Clementine tomato, orange cocktail/salad.

Green Tiger tomato, artisan.

Juliet tomato, grape.

Lucky Tiger tomato, artisan.  

Matt's Wild Cherry tomato, small cherry tomato.  Bright red and tasty.  Really little.

Mountain Magic tomato, cocktail/salad.  Combine them with Clementine for a mix of medium sized tomatoes for salad or grilling.

Orange Banana tomato, orange paste tomato.  Orange.  The new color of red sauce?

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomato, artisan slicer.  Big, beautiful and heirloom-esque.

Stupice tomato, heirloom.

Sungold tomato, orange cherry. Universal favorite cherry tomato.


Sold in 4-packs. 

Fairy Tale eggplant, mini striped.  Fun to harvest and delightful to look at.  Great for grilling.

Galine eggplant, small Italian.  Our favorite variety of standard dark purple eggplant.



Sold in 6-packs. 

Winter Density lettuce, romaine. 



Sold in 6-packs.

Winterbor kale, curly.



Sold in 6-packs.

Jernigan Yellow Cabbage collards, heirloom.  Special yellow tinged leaves, longtime regional favorite.

Top Bunch collards, standard.



Sold in 6-packs.

Alcosa cabbage, savoy.

Omero cabbage, mini red.

Tiara cabbage, mini green.  Impresses even the non-cabbage lovers with amazing texture and flavor.


Sold in 6-packs.

Empress of India nasturtium, dark hues.  Edible flowers!

Trailing Mix nasturtium, climbing vines.  Edible flowers!



Sold in 6-packs (12-24 plants).

Nabechan onions, scallions.

Purplette onions, specialty purple.  We love cooking with these.



Sold in 6-packs.

Eleonora basil, genovese. Pesto + more uses.



Sold in 6-packs. 

English thyme, culinary.  Standard and versatile.

Sunchoke (Jerusalem artichoke)

Single plant. 



Single crown/plant. 

Connover's Colossal asparagus.  



1-yr.-old plants. 

Ira blueberry.  Rabbit-eye.

Powder Blue blueberry.  Rabbit-eye.

Columbus blueberry.  Rabbit-eye.

Brightwell blueberry.  Rabbit-eye.

Centurion blueberry.  Rabbit-eye.

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